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Peoria, Arizona info@Keeundisaustinministries.com 312.985.6690



Keeundis was born and raised in the city of Chicago. She is a Mother, Prophetic Intercessor, Psalmists, Advocate for Domestic Violence, Drug and Alcohol Addictions. For several years, Keeundis served as a servant at her local church serving as an Intercessor and Administrative Support for Addictions, Prayer and Abuse Ministry. The Lord called her forth in 2007 to break every barrier of generational and ancestral curses through the power of prayer. Her anointing manifested through servant hood and constant reading of God’s word while consistently creating an atmosphere of worship. She stands as a liaison for all families to be restored back to God’s original purpose with an understanding that deliverance must take place to be fully restored.

Her recent book, What About Us, is a resourceful prayer tool for teens who are in need of emotional, physical and spiritual healing. What About Us was inspired during a 12-hour prayer meeting in 2017. It was in the fifth hour when the Lord spoke, asking her to write a prayer book for his youth. As a reminder of her difficult childhood, the Lord instructed her to write specific prayers for everything she had struggled with as a kid. As months went on, the Lord also revealed to her other significant issues that she needed to create a prayer for concerning the youth. Yielding to the assignment to write a prayer book listing everything she and others endured as a kid to be used as a resource to help the youth in this century overcome the tactics of the world's systems.

The question, What About Us, was a constant question that Keeundis asked in her childhood. She often wondered why adults neglected acting as responsible parties. She understood later that the curse of the enemy had her and her entire family bound.

As an Intercessor, she now understands that prayer is a weapon of mass destruction used to break those barriers of addictions, freemasonry rituals, eastern star rituals, witchcraft, hatred, pride, lust, greed, depression, poverty and so many other generational and blood line curses that were present over her family’s blood line.